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Postal is my final statement. You can't make a more radical movie... There is no way you can ignore Postal — it's one of the funniest and most important films of the last decade! ...It's one of the best films of all time!

Apparently it got a standing ovation at Cannes. We shall see.

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Shouldn't this be moved to the horror section?

Unless of course there's a shitpile section of the forum I'm not acquainted with.

Funny thing about the comments below it. I am not fluent in french but I think this "C'est de la merde réalisé par le pire réalisateur de la création, Uwe Boll," means something like "It's shit made by the worst director of all creation, Uwe Boll."

He should put that on the DVD case...

The ovation comment has me thinking he's gone delirious too.

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After listening to Rue Morgue Radio this week where they interviewed the film I have to say I'm going to see it and report it in all its glory for you folks.

Feedback and Chris Alexander (incidentally one of the fellows Uwe Boll beat the crap out of in Vancouver last year) went through much of the film and my interest is piqued. They seem to think it goes beyond retarded into the poignant. The pre-title sequence is a group of Arab terrorists in the cockpit of a plane who, after arguing about how many virgins they'll receive in the afterlife (99 or 100) and whether or not they'll have to share him, they decide to turn the plane around and vacation in Florida just as the heroic passengers burst through the cabin door and bum rush the terrorist after their change of mind. That plane hits the World Trade Center.

I HAVE to see this film. Something so gloriously offensive at least deserves my rental. And apparently Verne Troyer gets anally gang raped by an army of chimps and Uwe Boll plays himself and claims his films are funded with Nazi gold.

Radical to say the least.

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"Postal" appears to be going nowhere. Major movie theater chains refused to play the September 11-related farce, so it's now tagged for distribution starting Friday in just 13-15 theaters in seven markets. Boll, the filmmaker behind the "BloodRayne" fantasy series, had hoped for as many as 1,500 playdates.

There is one other result from exhibitors' revolt against "Postal," which spins a fantastical yarn featuring President Bush, Osama bin Laden and assorted September 11 references: high prospects of a quick detour to DVD bins.

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It's a great movie if you turn your brain off.

It is way better than the farces out there these days that are full of pop culture references that are not funny.

Dubya and Bin Laden holding hands and skipping through a field at sunset is funny.

A Spartan saying "You got served" is not.

I may even buy Postal when it comes out. Yeah, I said it.

Incidentally, episodes 4 and 5 of Dread Media should give you all you need to know about Postal and my review is this installment of Reel Dread.

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