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As I asked during this episode of The Show, is classic literature geeky, and, if so, should we cover it on the site and Earth-2.net: The Show?

Personally, I think you can be geeky about anything. My dad is a classic car geek. I know more than my share of hockey geeks.

Since, literature fits into the media area we should definitely cover it here. A book/literature sub-forum is more than welcome in my opinion.

We should narrow it to geeky lit or at least lit one thinks folks here would find interesting...First person to mention Jane Eyre gets a punch in the nose.

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Lately I've been thinking about expanding the site to include much more than comics, video games, etc. to prove to the masses that geekiness goes beyond those things. Fantasy sports, trading cards, music, television and a million other mainstream things that people don't find geeky people can (and do) geek-out about. The problem with doing that is we move closer to becoming IGN. (Not that I dislike IGN, I just don't want Earth-2.net to become IGN-lite.)

As for the topic at hand, to me classic literature is geeky. To reiterate what I said on The Show, the majority of people who enjoy the classics are brainier, and tend to lean towards the geekier side of life.

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I've tended towards the view that geeky trends towards sci-fi and fantasy. Whilst its true that a man who can recite every score in the last 30 years of Man U are as big geeks as anyone, I think that in terms of this site I've always thought it rightfully trended towards the traditionally geeky hobbies. Of course its possible to be a huge music nerd, my brother devotes as much time and money to his CD collection as I do towards Wrestling and comics combined. However music would not be defined as niche entertainment in quite the same way as either of my preferences. In the same way classic literature has no kind of geeky connotations, its not really niche entertainment in that way.

I guess that places like Earth-2 celebrate that which might otherwise be in some way shunned, which is great. Whilst I like classic literature I don't see it as something that really needs that kind of promotion or protection.

Of course if you wish to go in that direction I'll be interested to see where it goes and I will probably certainly check out whatever is produced as a result, but its important to stay true to your roots.

I would agree that more intellegent people would tend towards reading or enjoying material that you or I might, but lets not pretend that the comic book club is the megabrain society. There are idiots in all walks of life, and they are evenly spread in my experiance.

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