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What recent comic books failed to meet your expectations (and why)? And what books exceeded your expectations?

For me, my most recent disappointment was Marvel Comics Presents #1. This book should have been the absolute best mix of art and story and characters, but it fell flat in the story department. Besides the Omega Flight story, the art in the first issue was excellent. So it has that going for it. Then there's the Thing story by Nelson, which couldn't have been any better. But the rest of the writing was boring: three prologues for one story, several pages of Hellcat going through her closet, a Spider-Man story that wasn't fun and I don't know what the hell was going on in the Omega Flight portion of the book. Ugh. So sad.

Conversely, I was taken aback by how awesome Punisher MAX Annual #1 was. As the first non-Ennis penned Punisher MAX comic book, I didn't know what to expect, but it wasn't much. Despite my initial reservations, everything from the art to the coloring to the writing to the creepiness factor all came together to form a beautifully rendered Punisher story set in a very real world.

An honorable mention goes to Ripclaw Pilot Season #1: over-the-top violence plus perfect pacing plus lush art and colors plus a tight script equals a sleeper hit of the year.

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I would go along MCP failing to meet expectations, its was just boring. The art for the Vanguard story was awesome and the story interesting but the rest was poor. Nova has been the big hit for me in recent times, great art and story telling, its been said before but only the Nova team should do Marvel Cosmic books.

More later

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Ah! I'm always mixing up the names Guardian and Vindicator, mostly because Heather Hudson used both. That said, I obviously confused Vanguard for Vindicator and was thinking that was Michael Pointer code name... when it's simply Guardian. :wacko:

Okay, I'm with you guys now. And yes, the art in "Vanguard" was stunning!

And I don't hate Canadians. I hate bad comics about Canadians. And Canadians.

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