Episode 160


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Monday, 28 September 1987 was quite possibly the greatest day in geek history. On that day, exactly 20 years ago today, Star Trek: The Next Generation launched on syndicated television. Since then science fiction television has boomed, producing such shows as Quantum Leap, seaQuest DSV, Stargate, Battlestar Galactica and a countless host of others. Though they're all grossly different, each show owes a debt of gratitude to Star Trek: The Next Generation. In this special edition of Earth-2.net: The Show, Jenny and Mike honor ST:TNG by discussing their favorite characters, moments and episodes. Join them as they talk for over three hours about The Next Generation! [ 3:35:20 || 98.5 MB ]

The above is from: http://www.earth-2.net/theshow/episodes/e2ts_160.mp3

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Great show, its been a long time since I indulged my inner Star Trek nerd, but a lot of the times you guys were trying think of answers to pointless trivia I pretty much knew it. It was a Nausicaan who stabbed Picard by the way.

Personally The Inner Light is my no.1 episode. Really this should have had as much fallout for Picard as the best of both worlds but it only comes up again subtly when he plays his flute.

I'm surprised that Darmok was rated so highly, I've never really though of it as anything more than just another episode. Of course some episode that are the sone that get you into the show can have special significance. I like the BTAS episode Moon of the wolf because it was the first one I saw as a kid.

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The reason Jen ranked "Darmok" so high is because it's all about language and storytelling. As a writer, she respects that. The episode also showed her, as she said, that sci-fi could be more than phasers and ugly evil aliens; it could be used to tell smart tales about overcoming our differences.

You're right: "The Inner Light" should have made lasting changes on Picard, specifically in regards to his feelings about marriage and having a family. It's such a powerfully emotional episode.

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JUST listened to this episode (my podcasting has been lacking of late, because breaking iPods is apparently my new mutant superpower). This was AWESOME. I haven't watched or really even thought about TNG in years. This was three solid hours of me going "Hey, yeah, I remember that one!" and then having to apologize to coworkers for the outburst. I'm definitely going to have to track down the show.

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