Episode 163


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Hey, that's great! A lot of people do. But what I saw of him, the way he treated the fans at Wizard World Chicago 2006, really turned me off. His indy ego seemed huge, and I can't stand that. He very much had a "Why am I here?" air about him. I refuse to support that.

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The reason people want to see stuff like Saw IV is because they have overactive ids.

In my case, I'm only seeing it because I'm almost 100% positive it will be a subject for the Tirades. So, Mike (and especially Jenny), just leave Saw IV to me. :devil:

Yay! The return of "This Week on E2"! w00t.

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I loves me some Previews episodes!

While i agree with you on Saw (so much potential) I firmly disagree on Hostel. I think it is actually quite a finely crafted film with just as much "quiet" dread and terror as there is gore.

I agree with Jenny: Hunter sucked.

Yes there were 3 Darkman films. The third is called Die Darkman Die. Yes, it is...I love the first one too. I don't like Raimi much at all but Darkman gets me somehow.

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