Episode 167


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Actually, this episode is truly, truly, truly outrageous. And there's also a little bit of glamour and glitter, fashion and fame for those who like that kind of stuff. Oh, but be careful; I'm hearing it's contagious, too.


It's quite an honour to be on the second anniversary show, even if that's the worst audio I think I've ever turned in. The Jem stuff was interesting, but I barely listened to the rest, as I've yet to see 30 Days of Night. Basically I skipped that review, listened in to my intro to appease my ego and then skipped my own review to keep my ego entact!! :D

Oh, and when I had my student radio show, I based an entire feature on kazoos!! It was called Kazooioke and consisted of me playing along to an indie song on my kazoo! I saved them onto my laptop because they still amuse me to this day. The moral of the story is "More Kazoo!"

Oh and Weird Al rules all!

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I've now seen 30 days and can comfortably say I was disappointed. I think the removal of the arrival of the true Vampire leader left the motives of the villians a bit confused. Originally the vampire invasion was unauthorised and so a top-level vampire leader comes in to kill the current boss and take care of the destruction of all the evidence that the vampires exist. As it was the leader was just "We'll kill all of them" and then suddenly at the end he just panics, like "Oh no! Suvivors will reveal our presence to the world!". It was just stupid characterisation that, along with all the pointless snarling, left the vampires basically toothless in my eyes. They might as well have been just any movie villian, they didn't even need to be vampires. The intoduction of the beasties in the comic was better as well, as the agent they sent in at the start is one. That he was human just weakened the menace the harbringer brought. Basically the vampires were stripped down into snarling guys with latex on rather than the supernatural menace with totally inhuman style and thier own set of rules and values.

My other problem is that about 75% of the appeal of the comic is the visual style. If you are going to turn that into a film then you need to go the whole 300 level of visual excess and style. As it was I think that this is a film that would have benefited greatly from being animated. The sheer lack of visual excitement really hurt the film. That final showdown should have beent he mother of all supernatural beastie fights, instead I think I've seen better in episodes of Buffy. The direction wasn't poor in itself but it was totally average.

** film.

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