Episode 175


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Mike confuses me with his girlfriend logic. He'll hit Des for wishing Jenny a happy birthday, but is perfectly comfortable with Chicago men hitting on her. Would he be as comfortable if holidaying in Britain and men hit on her? Methinks not!! :devil:

In fact, you talk for an hour about the events surrounding Jenny's birthday and then play my segment!!! And whilst it's always nice to have my segment's introduction staged as female aural enticement, I'm never sure how people take Comic Reel-lief segs nowadays because I get fairly limited feedback on them. That's why I was surprised my Superman Returns review won an E2 award last year - whilst it did get feedback, the awards episode merely involved knowing laughter when the result was announced!! Also, Stardust is something I've covered in my CBM correspondant role, but I haven't heard it get talked about on this site at all, other than Des clarifying the film's precise origins in my last article.

Nice to hear the Kaiser Chiefs get international love! They're a band that have showmanship in their music and performances, which is why I too find them more enjoyable than the Foos at times.

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Canadians I have to worry about, yes. Jenny likes hearing "aboot" a little too much. And you Brits have an inherent charm most women cream for, so I keep my eye on you lot, too.

When it comes to feedback, The Show receives little in the way of forum posts, so it's not just your segment, Ian.

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