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I think he's funny. Just not in the same movie every year. He keeps remaking Anchorman in a new setting, and it's old. He was his funniest on SNL. The problem is that now he gets to control what he makes, and he doesn't see what a hack he's become. It's what would have happened to Jim Carrey if he had kept doing Ace Ventura like movies. Will could learn a lesson from him and do serious movies, but he likes easy money.

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Anyways, every comedian in the world reaches this phase. Get's hot for a while, becomes popular, keeps doing what made him popular, people hate him for doing what people used to love him for doing, disappears for a while, makes a comeback.

Jim Carrey, Dane Cook, Will Ferrell, if I listened to everyone around me, I'd never laugh at anything.

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I loved Will Farrell on SNL, and completely adore Anchorman, however, his movies have become redundant. Outside of Stranger Than Fiction, which I personally liked, he's been doing the same act in different movies since leaving SNL, and it's become tiresome.

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