Project Runway 4


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I call bullshit on the elimination of Chris this week. His design was head and shoulders above Ricky's, who was in the bottom two two weeks in a row, yet Chris got the boot. Frankly, I think it was because Chris was so overweight. If you watch the closing credits they mention that the judges consult with the producers before making eliminations. Meaning if someone's a drama queen, even if they suck (e.g. Christian), they get to stay because it makes for great TV. But if someone doesn't provide drama and / or isn't "television friendly," no matter how good they are, they're gone.

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So I'm browsing over the active threads on my favourite geek culture site, and I find my web colleague (and boss, I guess) ranting about a wannabe fashion designer being done in by the trappings of reality television production, which exist to keep the petulant ratings grabbers in until the end.

Either my beer just got stronger or I need to start going to bed earlier....

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The guys in the thread hating on Yoda have no idea what they are talking about. Knowing about Project Runway helped me get tail on not one but two occasions. Including my current girlfriend.

That aurgument might work, but from the sound of his first post, Yoda's emotionally invested in the contestants and fashion designs, so his fondness for the show isn't equivalent to the factor of getting tail. For instance:

It's a damn shame Steven had to go (his comedic timing is perfect), but his latest design was the worst. However... Chris is back! YAY! Hopefully he can buck his tendency to design costumes, otherwise he'll be gone again soon.

huh, huh :happy:

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