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I had low expectations simply because the options were limited.

Either you bring him in as a heel, he jobs to Triple H, gets into another IC title feud with Hardy or someone.

OR bring him in as a face, he gets a shot at a title that he can't possibly win, then drifts around because they don't have any strong heels for him to feud with, which is what happened.

The only way they were going to really ignite business is if Jericho was built up to be the guy to beat Orton, won the Rumble, won the title at Mania, then took the spot as THE guy on Raw until Cena came back for the big money feud. That wasn't and isn't going to happen, sadly.

I still catch old stuff, indys, and Puro, but overall, wrestling really fucking sucks right now.

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Can't be shocked that Y2J lost. I think he'll turn it on a lot in the feud with JBL. They will produce great promos off of each other. Not sure how the ring work will be but I think they can be atleast above average. But I don't get how anyone can hate two great mic guys feuding.

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Yeah, their promo battle during Raw was great. Hopefully JBL won't be too rusty in the ring when he faces Jericho. He was solid as hell before he retired.

Jericho had this massive push before he even showed up, and it was all based on how he was going to save the WWE from Orton. He lost one match, and that whole feud is thrown out the window. Why should we care about Y2J since he failed on his first match and now has to feud with a commentator?

To be fair, he didn't get the title only because JBL interfered in the match and caused the DQ. Jericho had Orton ready to submit to the Walls of Jericho. It's not like he suffered a miserable defeat or anything. And come on, it's not as though Jericho's feuding with Michael Cole now lol. JBL is a former WWE champion, and while he's been out of the ring for more than a year, he'll still be seen as dangerous, especially because he'll be defending his honor against Jericho.

I wasn't exactly entertained by the Jericho/Orton feud, but I think Y2J/JBL will be much better.

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What I don't understand is why didn't Jericho ask for a rematch instead of going on to some low class feud with someone no-one cares about. I don't care what people say about JBL, after 2 months back in the ring, he'll be on everyone's nerves again.

Stupid by the WWE, as Jericho needed another match with Orton, so they either should have brought him in a month earlier, or let him win it (which wouldn't happen.

It's all fine to say that he dosn't deserve or belong at the top of the card, but he has a certain amount of clout with the fans, so even if you are going to drop him down, do it against MVP, Carlito, etc, someone who could use the rub.

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