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Great reviews, guys.

Dan: You're coverage of New Avengers #38 was perfectly accurate. The issue reads like every heated argument I've ever heard between lovers. However, calling the MCP / Savage Land artwork "beautiful" is shocking. It's ugly and over-rendered.

Tim: Black Panther is good...?

drq: Glad to see you're becoming a Nova fan. :D

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Has something changed in Omega Flight? As far as I know it isn't an Initiative branch.

Canada has had a superhero registration act for close to 20 years now. In Marvel continuity that is (we still have trouble keeping those fellas in tights reined in up here in the real world)

Only gripe. otherwise, great set o' reviews!

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Mike: Sorry, I thought the art was great. it's incredibly detailed, the dinosaurs rock, Stegron looks strong and menacing and not like a retarded Hanna-Barbera character. Despite Shanna's huge... tracts of land.

(My opinion, of course, has nothing to do with the fact that Joyce Chin donated $17.50 to the Daniel J. Toland Big-Ass TV Fund. Together, we can buy Dan a big-ass TV.)

Des: According to Wikpedia (It's flawless, I tell you! Flawless!):

The team emerges from the aftermath of Marvel's Civil War crossover event. The lineup includes elements of the original Canadian super-team Alpha Flight as well as other superheroes, mostly American superheroes on loan from S.H.I.E.L.D. thanks to Iron Man and the Initiative. The team roster includes U.S. Agent, Arachne, Beta Ray Bill, Talisman and Michael Pointer as the new Guardian.[1]

So, I don't know if it's actually an official Initiativ branch, and I acknowledge that I could have worded that better. However, it's hip deep in the Initiative, because SHIELD has its fingers in the pie and sent over USAgent and Arachne.

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Black Panther is fantastic. I love it. It's a big, swooping action book that adds in a touch of real with the civil rights thing. I will read this book until Hundlin is done. One of my favorite books month in and month out, and I will defend it until the day I die. I love the dynamic between him and Ben, and also the relationship with him and Storm is tremendous. Very real.

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