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Being a longtime fan of music games and a recent Guitar Hero II convert, to say I was hungrily awaiting the arrival of the appropriate Harmonix follow-up would be a serious understatement. And while I'd been anxious about the release of some highly anticipated games in the past, this wasn't quite the same thing. I wasn't just hungry for more, I was emaciated; my interest grew to the point that I was checking the Rock Band Wikipedia entry on a daily basis, hoping for a revelation about a new track or an as-yet-unrevealed feature. Even after Activision's Guitar Hero III arrived a month prior, presumably to sweep me off my feet, my appetite remained. And, though I didn't go so far as to reserve a copy (the steep price tag left me leery), I did finally sprint to Circuit City on launch day, corner a warehouse associate as he unloaded the shipment and hurriedly snag the first copy to hit the floor. I've never looked back.

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Only Drq could use the word "emaciated" in a video game review.

I've noticed that the PS2 version doesn't have nearly as much start-up time, mostly because there is no forced character creation. Of course, this comes at the expense of having no DLC.

Good stuff.

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Thanks, guys. It really is a great game!

Yoda, I was concerned about space too, but it actually stows away very easily. I had a harder time finding room for my pair of hard-backed DDR pads than I did for the drums, guitar and mic that come along with Rock Band.

We're actually having a Rock Band party at the office in two and a half hours. Not that I'm counting the minutes or anything...

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