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Guest Kevbo

Yikes. It's funny because I just saw a package the other day that included Doom 1, Doom 2, and the Ultimate Doom for $9.95. I think I'll be waiting for the price to drop before I pick up part 3.

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Irentedit...but...Idon'tthinkmy...sys...tem...isup...toscratch. It' Don't...ev...engetme...stratedo...nframera...tes.

Seriously, I went to the kitchen and made a frigging sandwhich in between levels.

It's frustrating because it'd be a really fucking awesome game if I had a system that could run it.

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I have it, the min ram you will need is 384mb.

Aye, and it's the last bloody time I fight above my weight class.

Ah! Zombie! *click* *click* *click*

..... ... .... ..

Bang Bang Bang!

Of course, by that time the goddamn monster has moved towards me and is eating my face. Grrr.

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It is creepy in places, but the whole reloading every ten minutes cause of monster killig you that you can't see, does kill the mood. Plus the whole its too dark even with a flashlight is a bit of a cheap way to create atmosphere. Systemshock 2 is a perfect example of how to do proper creepy atmosphere or even the avp series. Just reloading all the time does sort of ruin it for me.

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