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Yes it is, actually. The artwork is done by the 'Origin' team, so it looks gorgeous. The dialogue is as good as I'd expect from Gaiman, and there's some really nice moments. I'm just....I was expecting something bigger. Something bigger in scope than it actually is. It's a very well written series, don't get me wrong, and i'd recommend it to anyone.

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To be honest I felt a little dumb after finding out who the forerunner was. In retrospect it seems so obvious but... ach well. I won't spoil it for those who haven't read it though.

I like this series so far but the exposition on the nature of the comics universe has been done before in Animal Man by Grant morrison so it really didn't do anything for me here.

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I just finished reading the hardcover collection, and all I have to say is: WOW! The revelation that

Rojhaz was Captain America blew my mind and I can't believe I missed it! I mean, the clues are right there. The star-like feathers on his head, throwing the tray as he would his shield, white skin and blond hair, a Native America. I feel so dumb! Also, that the treasure was Thor was quite a surprise as well.

And from what I read, Virginia is not supposed to be Snowbird as many people think. She wasn't created alongside the other characters during the initial boom of the Silver Age, and therefore wouldn't have been used by Gaiman. Truth be told, Virginia Dare was a real person who (as myth has it) could turn into white animals. The following is from Neil Gaiman's journal. (The text in bold was asked by a fan. The rest is Gaiman's response.)

I did a web-search for Virginia Dare. It says she was a real person and that there is a story that she turned herslef into a white deer. Did you know this? There's a page about her story at http://www.angelfire.com/tn/traderz/virginia.html amd more on the legend at http://www.tangledforest.com/states2/northcarx.html.

Yes, I knew it. Truth to tell, I sort of automatically assumed that most Americans probably were familiar with the story of Virginia Dare and the White Doe, because I first read about it when I was a little kid in England, and, well, you people live here.

(And I just googled, and this -- http://www.icw-net.com/tales/mantwdoe.htm -- was the first thing that came up, which seems a good retelling of the version I'd heard.)

So, yes, she was a real person, who was, in many stories, killed in the form of a white doe, by a silver arrow. She, and Elizabeth, and James of Scotland, are pretty much it for my real historical people (although there are innkeepers, soldiers, papal assassins, and executioners who just walked on when I needed them and aren't meant to be analogues of anyone really.)

[Quite a bump, eh...? This was one of our first threads.]

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I've just read the first ish of the "sequel" and have to say it is written better than Gaiman's. He did set the stage but Pak is doing a MUCH better job at telling a story. It is kinda like how Hobbit tells a story and LoTR seems more like a history lesson (and therefore bored me).

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