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I'm doing the next Comic Reel-lief audio seg on both Hulk films. I reckon I've got a handle on the most recent film, although I'm a bit hazy on couple of characters from the 2003 film and their comic counterparts. I've got wikipedia to go on and that's about it.

- Glenn Talbot. In the film, he's a bit of a douche, played with a hint of camp by Josh Lucas. Is this typical of his portrayal in the comics? (I know he wasn't a businessman, that's for sure).

- Brian Banner. Other than a name change, was the film right to make the actions of Bruce's father the chief cause of his son's emotional withdrawal?

Will post more if I think of anything else.

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Bruce Banner, as laid out in Peter David's run, was an emotionally troubled man because of the abuse his father put him through and it is even implied, unless I'm mistaken, that the Hulk is more a reflection of his father than it is Bruce's dark side.

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Brian Banner was an abuse fuck. He beat both his wife and son, and then later killed his wife in front of a young Bruce. Later in life, Bruce and Brian had a fight, which led to Bruce accidentally killing his father.

Bruce bottled up all of these events, which account for the Hulk's rage.

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It's been years since I've read anything with Glenn Talbot in it (he be very dead in the Marvel U), but I remember him being a weasly sycophant for General Ross and trying to weasel his way into Betty's heart. Maybe it was the pencil-thin mustache, but that was always my impression.

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"Douche" sums Talbot up pretty nicely.

Yeah, Talbot's been dead a looooooong time. (He died when I was a kid, probably when I was six or seven; the only real memory I have of him firsthand was from the early 80s Saturday morning cartoon.) He was Banner's chief rival for Betty's affections (she actually married him briefly), and he was Ross' right hand. Whenever Ross came up with that month's ingenious plan to capture the Hulk, Talbot would be the guy implementing it. He was inevitably killed fighting the Hulk eventually, basically because he was too dumbassed to tie his own tie properly.

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