Episode 233


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That shit, like dread i would feel like a dick cause i was one of the reasons you had to go to the post office.

That was fucked up as well, I was asking you about delivery costs probably right before that.

I hope that little fucker who tried to rob you gets whats coming to him.

I hate robbers as well, i mean you have two schools, robbing a faceless corporation like going into a shop and stealing something is one thing (It's not condonable, but dammit, it's an alternative) but blatantly going into someones house is just wrong.

stealing from people is just wrong, i mean you screw with the person mentally, them wondering what you did and invading their privacy.

glad he didn't steal anything, but it is weird how they can do that, go into your house, wonder what that mentality is like, being so arrogant they think they can go into someones home, and try and steal.

sorry if i seem a bit random and all over the place with this post/edit, i just posted something in the vent thread(not advertising what i posted) and am still pissed about that, plus i fucking hate robbers/burglars

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Holy shit, you guys. I'm really glad no one was hurt. Hopefully everything turns out okay.

Also, a big hells yeah to the "Make It So" love. They have several podcasts, and their "Movies You Should See" is even better.

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And the problem with "car park" is........?

Damn, that's quite a situation - I really wouldn't want to have to go through that sort of thing. Glad nothing got pinched.

On an unrelated note, you know how I noted tenuous connections for the tribute piece I did for WFP? I've been noticing an increase in sex references of late! There are three in this episode alone!!

And what's the story with Chris Jericho?!?

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There's nothing wrong with "car park." I was simply noting why I was using a chiefly European phrase.

Normally Earth-2.net: The Show is a fun, lighthearted podcast, but this episode was rather dark. So I made the sexual jokes to lighten up the mood, both for the audience and Jen. Don't worry, the show isn't turning into Mike's Smut Hour... yet. :D

We have a WCW-era Chris Jericho thumb wrestling action figure on the dashboard.

Thank you, everyone, for the concern. It was a very nerve-wracking experience, one that still has me jumping at my own shadow; every time I turn around now, I expect to see someone nicking my stuff. (There I go with the British phrasing again.)

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Well, they broke into my house twice. Once in 2003, they took my Xbox, some DVDs, my video games, my books, my computer, some clothes, and money. The other time was in '06 when I was vacationing in Mexico except this time they broke the front door. They took pretty much the same things as they did in '04. When we came back from Mexico we called the cops they said that they suspected the neighbors broke into the house but, they couldn't prove anything. Come to think of it the neighbors do seem pretty suspicious here's my reasons

  1. They got a new car like two days before we came back.
  2. They always smelt like dope when they lived here

Days later we "gave into fear" and got a alarm system.

thank god they moved.

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