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Crap. Now you put me on the spot....

Honestly, I don't remember because it was during an interview I heard on a screenwriting podcast a long while ago. The studio didn't want it let out that there were script rewrites and reshoots for a few of their films, so they kept Bird and Lasseter's work as consultants on the down-low. No credits or anything.

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Every new thing I see about this movie makes me want to see it even more.

If this is actually a good movie, I will be completely overjoyed.

Also, did anyone else catch the music in that scene? Sounded great. Kinda Zimmer-eqsue. If that's the kind of thing Daft Punk can pull off for a film score, they need to be hired for a lot more films.

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Guest TFG1Mike

I never saw the original film... So I'm coming into it fresh. I like the story they have set up though. The effects look cool as hell. Of course I never go to theaters anymore so it'll be a DVD watch for me.

As far as the soundtrack I listened to the preview clips I wasn't impressed.

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Guest TFG1Mike

Should mention: If you don't like Daft Punk, you will probably not like the soundtrack.

I've never heard any of their stuff.. Again I only listened to the 30 second preview stuff not each song. I didn't buy it. Just wasn't impressed with the sound of it. Who knows maybe when I see the film it will change my mind.

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I was more impressed with the sweeping orchestral stuff, especially in "Overture," "Fall," and "Flynn Lives." "CLU" is also very good, especially since it's very varied.

And yeah, the electronic stuff is really good, too. Especially the way that "The Grid" and "TRON Legacy (End Titles)" work off the main theme.

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