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Alrighty, so I'm going back and rewriting my novels and in the outlining process, I've decided to change some names. Since I have about 23487325 characters, the well dried up a while ago, but I've found placeholders for all but two characters, one major, and one minor.

Just to let you guys know, this is a superhero story, but still grounded a bit in reality, so I need something cool, but not overly cartoony.

Character #1 is a female assassin. A very athletic Milla Jovovich type from Romania. I've probably changed her name half a dozen times because I keep changing her powers.

Her current, and final set of powers have her as someone who is more or less indestructable. Unbreakable skin, bones, and immunity to all disease.

She used to be a Siryn rip-off (screaming powers and all), so her placeholder name is still Syren at the moment. Clearly, that won't work anymore.

In her case, I basically just need a new codename.

Character #2 is one of my main protagonists. He's the honorable boyscout type, but with a heavy empthasis on his martial arts background. Pretty much Superman meets young Hal Jordan meets Goku.

This character basically has the same name he had when I first started these stories at the age of 12.

His name is Sitnam. Yes, that's mantis spelled backwards.

Unfortunately, what sounded really cool to me back then isn't so cool now. I've just become so used to hearing it that I guess it doesn't bother me anymore, but I realize now that it has to go.

In this case, Sitnam wasn't so much his name as it was a title. I never gave him a real name because he never really needed one. So, either a new title or just a strong sounding normal name would work here.

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Yeah, definately leaning towards a variation on Alex or Alexander, though Alexei sounds a bit too foreign.

just thinking through their, why don't you have the characters name as Bartholomew? Something distinguished, giving the character a sense of higher authority. The best name I'd chose is Alexander, as Alexie is the only variation of Alex that comes to mind. Alexis came up when proofing this post, what about that name?

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Character #1 is a female assassin.her placeholder name is still Syren at the moment.

His name is Sitnam. Yes, that's mantis spelled backwards.

Circe or Silvana.

That is, if you like the Odyssey. Silvana Mangano plays Circe in Ulysses, the movie.

And if you want a boy scout name -- I always liked Jonathan. Sometimes, the classics works just fine.

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