E.T-Was i the only one who hated it?

E.T Did you like this movie?  

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Well like Margot Kidder being hot, I'm surprised no one has ever asked this question.

E.T the Steven Spielberg movie from the 80's, was it just me or was their something about this movie that was boring and shit?

I mean I never liked it, I will never like it and frankly when talking about childhood films i would rather say, Don Bluth classics like An American Tail or All Dogs go to Heaven or Robocop! These were movies that i loved as a kid not E-Fricking-T!!

So your thoughts E.T good or bad?

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This poll confuses me.

Did you hate E.T. is the question right? The answers are only yes I hated it, never seen it, it's not bad, and I hate it. What if I like it?

Also, there was a series?

OK, i fucked up. I'll fix it right now.

Edit: OK i fixed it, I think. I didn't know their was a series, however this poll is just about the movie, the first option is now did you like it, second is not seen it, and third is hated it.

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