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Beware! This thread contains SPOILERS concerning "Avengers Disassembled".

In the wake of "Avengers Disassembled" will come a brand new Avengers book, entitled The New Avengers. And the line-up is:

Captain America



Spiderwoman (Jessica Drew)

Iron Man (Tony Stark?)


Luke Cage (possibly)

... and more!

Now, this is not the final/permanent line-up. As it is with the Avengers, people will come and go. But these were the seven shadowy figures who were posed together on the teaser art. Bendis hinted that Tony Stark might not be Iron Man come the revamp, however. He also confirmed that Spiderwoman was Jessica Drew, and no one else. Lastly, Luke Cage will have a role in the book, but not necessarily as an active member.

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At Wizard World Chicago, Bendis was asked, "How will Spider-Man and Wolverine's other commitments affect the team dynamic?" Brian's response was purposely vague: "I think there's drama there." (That was his catchall response to many questions concerning the roster and new title.)

Spider-Man being an Avenger is nothing new, really. He's always held reserve status. (Truthfully, very few Marvel characters aren't reserve Avengers.)

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