2008 Olympics


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Anyone care about the Olympics? It's the one chance every 4 years to watch sports we really don't care about any other time. I'm stuck at work so I'm watching.

The opening ceremony was crazy. The smiley face fireworks were awesome.

The Chinese female weightlifter that won the gold can probably lift my car. The one from Turkey that won the silver was kind of hot and not freakish.


NBC is finding any excuse to trash China's government. I wish they would stick with the sports.

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Wow, wish I visited this thread more often. My sister was in the Olympics. Placed 9th in the 3,000 meter steeplechase. Just placed 5th in the world yesterday with a lot of the same girls from Beijing.


Obviously I wanted the Olympics but outside of my sister being there I've always loved watching them. LOVE IT.

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