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D'oh! I just realized something! I've been confusing Dougie Braithwaite and Mitch Breitweiser. On a recent episode of The Show I think I said that I could see Braithwaite drawing Daredevil, but I meant Breitweiser! :doh:

I know, I listened back to it and I thought, "Braithwaite didn't do Captain America: Chosen!"

So Dan, you LIKED Scream Queen?

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So Dan, you LIKED Scream Queen?

I can see where you might have been confused. I may have come across as a little ambivalent. No, I did not care for Scream Queen. I apologize for any confusion my unclear writing may have caused. I will endeavor to be more clear in the future.

In fact, I would eat the next issue before I would read it.

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