Anime Weekend Atlanta 14


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In a world where thousands of people dress up as flamboyant Japanese cartoon characters... in a world where you have to avoid being bludgeoned by numerous replica Zanpakutos... in a world where you are left to wonder if you have, in fact, lost the game... one man stands alone with pen, paper and camera(phone) in hand... ready to chronicle the misadventures of the world of American anime fandom... and to brave dozens of terrible anime from the 1970s and 80s. One man. One mission. One convention center. This fall,'s James Deaux stars in... Anime Weekend Atlanta XIV: The Review!

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I've been waiting three years for this one so here's my thoughts

-The continuity picture was hysterical

-The Jenova's Witness photo is Godly. Just, wow.

A bit picture-heavy and story-light, but the pictures were great and what story was there was very well done. The sheer mass of that Dealer's Room makes me want to go to a big convention next year (though I still enjoy the charm of a smaller one such as Ai-Kon)

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Also who the hell tries to steal from a convention?!

Have you been to a convention before? It's one huge room after another filled with people, generally with a lot of confusion and disorganization.

It does not take a master cat burglar to help yourself to anything in this environment.

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Another film made by Toei, the company that licensed the Dracula film, was Frankenstein: Legend of Terror (also based on a Marvel series). The highlight of this monstrosity (no pun intended), like Dracula, was the ending. This little girl realizes Frankenstein's monster isn't a bad person and befriends him, which warms the monster's heart so much that he decides to leap off a cliff to his doom a minute later. Then the little girl's father, who was trying to kill the monster up to this point, decides that the best way to come to terms with this turn of events is to take his gun and commit suicide by blasting himself in the chest. Methinks that little girl is going to be confined to a mental institution.

I must see this.

I'm also going to need the phone number of the girl on the left in that last photo, whenever you get the chance.

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