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I've gone through quite a few in my day.

First was a German Shepard named Buzz. He was a great dog, but his mind completely left him with age. It got so bad that didn't even recognize us anymore and attacked me at one point. We had to put him down after that. Not fun, both losing my dog and getting the rabies shot.

After that I had two cats, a really light brown (almost red) one named Chrono, and a white one named Marle. I loved those two. The most well behaved animals you could possibly imagine. We eventually moved to a place that didn't like pets, so we had to give them away. :shakehead:

After that was my cat Iris. She was all black and super small, like, palm of your hand tiny. She had some sort of illness that stunted her growth and I was told pretty much straight out that she was only going to last about six months. I had her for two years, so she definately made the most of it. I used to put her on my shoulder and she would just sit there, perfectly content. Another awesome pet.

I moved in with my girlfriend shortly after and she has a dog named Vinny. Vinny is retarded. This was never confirmed by a vet or anything, but I'm sure of it. He would run full force into doors, fall down, and then walk away like nothing happened. He is by far the dumbest animal I've ever seen. To make things worse, they spoiled him so much on people food that he learned to beg for everything, to the point he never ate dog food anymore.

There were also the two parakeets named Bebop and Rocksteady. Anyone that's listened to early Brainscans have heard them. All they ever did was sit in their cage, so I didn't really have much of an attachment. The ex kept them after I left.

I'm thinking of getting another cat soon. I'm definitely more of a cat person than a dog one at this point.

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My first pets were a pair of gerbils I had in kindergarten named Batman and Robin (natch). I've also owned a hedgehog who I named Roland after the main proagonist of Stephen King's Dark Tower series. Unfortunately the Maryland climate did not agree with him and he only lived for about a year. :( The pet I've had the longest is my cat Hobbes who I've had since 1999. He's been sleeping a lot more lately and I fear that he may be nearing the end of his life. :(

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Honey. Hamster. Dead.

Nicky. Tortoise. Alive.

This isn't actually the names of any of Stavro's pets, this is the pending title for his autobiography.

Which I am going to steal...

My autobiography was going to be called Stavros Kaplinsky: A Tale Of Daring & Heroism That May Never Have Happened, but unfortunately I haven't been able to create sufficient ambiguity around the highly publicized events of my life. The arty approach will suffice for this stopgap edition. Years from now I'll dismiss it as the work of a hack ghostwriter and sue Keanu Reeves for stealing my real life stories and reenacting them on film.

So how about you Double S? Any pets you haven't sacrificed to a lesser demon yet?

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Pebbles, an ancient collie who hated all men outside of my dad and I, was my first pet. She had some mental issues, but deep down was a pretty good soul. She wouldn't hurt guys who came into our house, but she'd make absolutely sure they knew that they weren't welcome. Once, she jumped on the back of one of my friends as he ran to get away from her and took him to the ground. We had to put her down when she developed seizures and went off the deep end.


Followed that up with Bear, a small keeshound who was equal parts stupid and entertaining. Loads of fun, and could melt anybody's heart. Loved to eat poopsicles in the yard during the winter. He made it to see me get my degree, and then passed on less than a year after I moved to Florida.

Somewhere in there, I also had a hamster - MC Hamster - who did little more than sleep and wait for the sweet embrace of death. On the rare occasion that he'd free himself from his cage, he'd always predictably head for the space behind the washing machine.


Nowadays, Autumn and I harbor two cats - Barry Sagittarius, a fat tabby, and Tiger-Bot Hesh (we call her Heshi) who is your standard, run of the mill bitchy black cat. They loathe each other, but seem to enjoy our company. They help me relax by merely wandering through the room. I could sit and watch them interact with the world for hours at a time.

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You will just never beat the unconditional love of a dog. I've been at some atomic lows over my 30 years, but when your dog jumps on your lap and starts licking your face, it's like Christmas and Easter when you are 5 years old wrapped up in one 2 second blast.

Yeah, my dad has a dog and whenever I go to see him she always runs up to me and pretty much jumps up to me on her back legs, if anyone can describe that better than I can, go right ahead.

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