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Holy shit! Has anyone else seen a preview for this thing? It stars Nicole Kidman as a woman who's finally getting over the death of her husband and is set to remarry, when suddenly a ten year old boy appears claiming to be the reincarnation of Sean, her husband. And, over the course of the film, she falls in love with him!

FYI: It opens on November 5, and here's a link to the official site and trailer.

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Could it? It adds another dimension to the characters. That she would cross this taboo says something about her. Specifically her love for her dead husband, longing for him to be alive, wanting to believe the boy is indeed his reincarnation, and maybe that she's a little unstable.

I just feel a lot of people are jumping the gun here. For one, his parents would have had to sign legal documents for him (a minor) to take part in it. Two, we don't know how it's dealt with. Maybe Kidman's character is arrested. I don't know. I haven't seen the script or a screening, and neither have most people who are causing a stink. Third, I really doubt it's glorified.

Look, I'm NOT defending child molestation. Trust me, I'm the last person who would ever defend such a sordid act, but this is akin to people protesting The Last Temptation of Christ, Dogma, and The Passion of the Christ before they've ever seen it. The movie will deal with the ramifications and in no way will it be glorified. Of this I am sure. Otherwise critics and viewers alike will pan the film, and this they don't want.

If you (and others) still don't want to see the film, that's your prerogative. Just as it is mine to see it and studio's to make it.

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As much as I respect PeeJ and what they do, they do tend to jump the gun a little and do read into things far too much. I remember them talking about a short black comedy film as being sympathetic pedophiles. Chances are though, this may cross the line and I will be offended, but I'll with hold judgement until after I see it.

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This is one of those awkward things, isn't it? Does a story like this glorify, or give ideas to paedophiles? Was the scene filmed innapropriately? And if the answers are no, then where do we draw the line? Does 'Lolita' cease to be a work of literature, and become underage pornography? Are we able to explore the theme of sexual awakening without it being a beacon for perverts? And could a film have been made with the theme this film has without them addressing the need for physical closeness (closeness, not sex)?

Personally, if the kid was okay with it, if the parents were okay with it, and if the scene was not filmed inappropriately, then I don't have a problem with it, as long as the scene is kept as a tender moment about physical closeness than it is about lust, sex or physical gratification. It's a difficult line to tread, but if the scene is dramatically justified, and not grauitous, then it could work well.

If any of those lines are crossed, it will be the end of a few careers.

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