Damn you, Mike!


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The man exploited my love of Kirby and the JLU by enabling me. After I was the recipient of a Mr. Miracle and Orion action figure, I felt the need to round out my Fourth World JLU collection by blowing way too much money on this:


Oh, but that's not all. Because I'm still missing Lightray (I have an extra Mister Miracle if you want to trade!), my searches brought me here:


And now I'm in the process of pre-ordering this:


I still seriously need that Lightray...

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Goddammit! The first picture in my first post is the Apokolips Attacks 6 pack that I won on eBay. The seller sent me the Secret Society pack by accident and seems to have mixed mine with another seller. He will give me a 5 dollar refund if I keep it or refund total if I send it back. Since it has that Red Hood Joker, I figured 13 bucks was a steal. I still need the AA pack. The one that started this whole bonanza...

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