The Cabin in the Woods

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Richard Jenkins and Bradley Whitford are moving to "The Cabin in the Woods."

Jenkins is on board and Whitford is in final negotiations to star in the mystery-shrouded MGM/UA horror project written by Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard, who also is directing. Whedon is producing.

Much like "Cloverfield," which Goddard scripted, the "Cabin" story line provides a new twist on a classic scenario -- in this case the young-people-stranded-in-the-woods horror trope.

"It's really just your basic typecasting: When you need two actors to run through the woods in low-cut nighties, you immediately think of Richard Jenkins and Bradley Whitford," Goddard joked.

Whedon said the casting signals what kind of movie they are hoping to make. "They're the first proof that though 'The Cabin in the Woods' is a classic horror film, it isn't one you've seen before."

While the studio and filmmakers were loath to provide character details, it is understood that Jenkins and Whitford will play white-collar co-workers with a mysterious connection to the cabin.

The UA production is prepping for a spring shoot and will open wide Feb. 5, 2010, with MGM distributing.

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One of my favorite TV actors in Whitford working with some of my favorite TV writers in Whedon and Goddard? I'm there. Jenkins is usually good too, I'm intrigued to see how this thoroughly odd take on horror does, it's not conventionally marketable but genre stereotypes have driven the traditional format into the ground. This could be very interesting.

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Finally got to see this last night. That trailer has far too many spoilers. I really, really enjoyed this movie, I just wish I new how to classify it. I struggled to find people to watch it with me, as I was going in blind, but new it was horror so anyone who doesn't like horror wouldn't go with me. While I don't think it is horror, like some of the classics, I still don't think they would enjoy it.

I wish there was more of this style of movie making though.

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