Superman: Doomsday?

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Mike and James have referred a couple of times to the Superman: Doomsday movie and I'm wondering if they ever reviewed it? I know it's not in DCAU continuity (thank God) but was it ever reviewed on another podcast or on the site? I finally saw it the other day.

BTY...didn't love it. It had it's moments (Lex Luthor was bad a and Superman-Clone killing Toyman was nice) but I had my issues with it too (Doomsday being in the movie titled Doomsday for 5 minutes, the crazy cheek bone thing on Sups face that I stared at the whole movie, and Lois Lane).

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My review of the movie

I didn't really like it. It had its moments as you said, but it also had a HUGE plothole with the dead body, the animation was absurd, the voice acting from Heche was awful and Doomsday was involved for what--10 minutes?

To date, it's scored the highest grade in my "Tirades" reviews, but that's like saying you beat the special ed class on your multiplication tables.

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Guest DCAUFan1051

I just had a genius idea however it'd be up to Mike & James if they wanted to do it:

WFP Presents: The DC Universe Movies

It'd be like an added bonus to what is already the greatness that is World's Finest Podcast! :D

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Guest DCAUFan1051
...And Braniac Attacks, though it looks like the DCAU cartoons, is not in the DCAU. So that one is also out.

Oh, so Braniac Attacks isn't continuity, but Teen Titans is? Hmm....

fight fight lol

excellent Batman Beyond image knightwing :D

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