Charcoal drawing

James D.

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This is why I wanted you to draw up a tattoo for me you talented fuck.

Holy shnikees, Blane. I forgot about that. I'll try to get to drawing that cross for you ASAP. :doh:

EDIT: Thanks for the positive words, peeps. I love you aaaaalllllll!!! :D

The only problem is that the picture is MUCH darker and the flash bulb ruined some of that dark luster. :angry:

Edited by James D.
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I thought the Morphorums were no longer functional?

No man, go to and use your old login info.

And in any case, I was under the impression that several people over there hate me for some reason.

You were wrong!


Good to know. :lol:

I like the darkening, but it seems to be blurring away some of the minor details.

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