Dawn of the Geeks, part three


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Cool piece. Granted it wasn't a cohesive tale like dubs' contribution but its much closer to my own experience. For most of us its been a mix of many things that brought us into geekdom, and Kellen is a good example of just that.

This entire series really fleshes out the character of each staff member. Looking forward to the next one.

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As much as I like the longer narratives that Des and Dubs told, I really dug your look at several influential items, Kellen. It was a good alternative to the two pieces we've already read.

To answer your question, Des, at the end of the year all seven parts will count as one long piece.

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If I hadn't left this to the last second odds are I would have at least thought up a few other ideas to add (I'm kicking myself over forgetting the Final Fantasy VII section). Oh well, I'll remember to add it for the 10 year celebration.


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