Episode 10


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  • 2 weeks later...

ok so up next is the Chase? ok I don't know what you think of it of but I always get a kick out this one. Where else can one get the

Daleks as well as Dracula,Frankenstein,the Mary Celeste Mystery and the Beatles all in the same story. We also sadly say goodbye to Barbara and Ian


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  • 7 months later...

Hmm. . .the lovely ladies of Who. So many to choose from, it's hard to settle. But then the Doctor never did, so why should I? ~.^

And yes, the banking reference. I was sitting in the Arby's in my building's food court. There's no way to play something like that off. Believe me, I tried.

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She's brainy, cute, a nice body and she can kick the ass of a comicbook superhero. What's not to love about our Ms. Heriot? Still, I'd have to go with Leela of the Sevateem. Beautiful, confident, and wicked with a blade or Janis Thorn. Not to mention that leather getup. . .ahem. Of course I was too young to really get her appeal when I was a kid watching the episodes on PBS with my uncle, I tended to groove more on the Doctor being smart and funny and K-9 being awesome. Never disparage the tin dog in my presence. It is. . .unwise. :shakehead:

The first real Who crush I had has to be Sophie Aldred's Ace in Remembrance of the Daleks. For the longest time I'd just seen Ace as kind of a sister figure, very tomboyish and fun with a knack for explosives and a pretty cool jacket (I was 13, grade on a curve). But there's this one scene in a boarding house where she wears her hair down. . .my 13 year old self went 'hellooooooo. . .' Needless to say, I crushed on her big time. Still do really as she's matured into a very attractive woman. But that's further on down the line. ^_^


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