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Ok, so a friend an I were discussing something he read from an interview from a software developer.

Apparently in the coming months/years, graphics will reach a stage where they will no longer be the main selling point for a new game. Developers will therefore have to focus more on gameplay, story, etc to sell the game.

Could we be in for a new glory era of games, where as much or more time is spent on story and character development, than the graphics?

Do developers even remember how to craft a good game anymore?

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Actually, I think graphics have been de-emphasized pretty heavily with this generation of consoles. With the jump from PSone to PS2, for example, came not just incredibly improved graphics but also an amazing leap in games' depth and the kind of freedom they offer players. Compare Metal Gear Solid, one of the deepest games on the PS1, with its cousin, MGS2 on the PS2. The amount of objects you can interact with, zones you can enter, details you can pick out, etc... they're on a completely different level than the original. Grand Theft Auto's an even better example. Can you imagine them trying anything like San Andreas on the PS1? It'd take up fourteen discs and you still wouldn't be able to do half the things you can do now.

Anyway, I agree with your point on the whole. I'm just saying it wouldn't be as sudden a development as you think. The seeds are planed right now.

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Do developers even remember how to craft a good game anymore?

Also, go play Katamari Damacy. It has no story (well, NEXT TO no story) and the graphics aren't anything beyond what I'd expect out of the Dreamcast, but the very idea of it is freaking awesome.

KD will definitely make a lot of Top 10 lists this year.

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