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McQuarrie to Write New Wolverine Film

The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that Christopher McQuarrie is to write the sequel to "X-Men Origins: Wolverine," and that the storyline will be based on the classic "Wolverine" graphic novel by Chris Claremont and Frank Miller. Hugh Jackman will of course return to star in the feature, which is set in Japan, as teased by one of the post-credits endings of "Origins."

McQuarrie, who won an Academy Award for his screenplay for Byan Singer's "The Usual Suspects," also collaborated with Singer on Jackman's first Wolverine film, "X-Men," for which the writer declined a screen credit.

According to THR, Jackman and McQuarrie met to discuss the film and were inspired by the themes made accessible by the Claremont & Miller story


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...Wait. BSG film? As in, Sackhoff and Olmos and crew on the big screen? :D

No. It's supposed to be more like the original series. (which sounds kinda cool, actually. I have a certain fondness for the 1978 series)

I think Singer has been "open" to directing an X-men film for a long while; he just ditched X3 for Superman because WB offered him a massive paycheck that Fox didn't match.

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If Singer does direct, they'll have to change the story quite a bit. Wolverine leaves Japan for five years to travel to Canada, he comes back and finds out that Mariko has a kid with bone claws...

Heyheyhey, now. Most of the actual direction Singer did on Superman Returns was solid. It was a very nice looking film. It's hardly his fault the script was garbage.

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The real question is how exactly did this get green lit, that Wolverine movie sucked and I don't really remember it making a shitload of money either.

Wolverine's budget was $150 million, and it made $362 million. That's not even counting the toy sales and everything else.

Fox can make all the crappy movies they want, but they're still guaranteed to have an audience.

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