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Heh, you watched the Nostalgia Critic too!

It's been a few years since I watched Judge Dredd and longer since I saw the 8th Doctor's brief forray, so I'm going purely off of memory. I actually quite like the Judge Dredd movie in a B-movie way, if you can ignore Rob Schneider. Facially, Stallone even looks fairly good in the helmet. It's not like the Constantine movie - now that's more likely to get the goat of British people.

And Paul McGann defeated Eric Roberts, who became both Sir Derek Jacobi and John Simm, so it was a temporary anomaly. Constantine sucks.*

*As an adaptation of Hellblazer. On its own, it isn't terrible.

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Doctor Who movie. The whole style of shooting and the loss of the stage-style British performers gives the whole thing a decidedly un-who like feel. Not to speak in generalisations but your standard wannabe hollywood actor is far less watchable than a practiced stage performer.

A lot of the Dredd stuff was painfully faithful, at least in the production design department. I'll give them props for that. Plus it gave up the immortal "IYAM...NLAUW".

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Dr Who was the worst offender. Just in the style of the production. The Doc was still awesome after all he was a Brit ha ha.

Judge Dredd was ok in a B movie kind of way. The worst thing was the comic sidekick. Just plain stupid and the fact the Angel gang was introduced, looked pretty cool and then died 3 seconds later. Gutted.

Oh and Constantine was a good film in its own right. Despite the departures from the source.

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