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Kitty was going to be "demoted" to the New Mutants back in Uncanny X-men #167 but then proved herself and was kept as an X-Man. She was still friends with the New Mutants though and very occasionally appeared in New Mutants. Wolverine also used Patch while working for Department H before he was an X-Man so using it again was not a stretch of the imagination.

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King Shark's real name is Nanaue. The squid guy is called the Dweller in the Depths. The Sea Devils have been around since 1960.

A little Kubert influence in a fantasy story doesn't seem out of place to me. In addition to his war comics, he's worked on Tarzan, Hawkman and co-created The Viking Prince, all adventure heroes with fantastic elements to them.

Aquaman was my suggestion, sorry you didn't care for it. Although I clearly enjoyed it more than you, I agreed with most of your criticisms, especially concerning Joseph's apparent age. However Dan's complaint that the new Aquaman had the same origin as the original seems a bit odd.

The original Aquaman was the lost prince of the mythical undersea kingdom of Atlantis.

The new Aquaman is an American who received aquatic powers from a serum created by his marine biologist father.

Sorry Dan but I honestly don't see how those origins could be more different and still be about a guy who breathes underwater. Admittedly Arthur Joesph's origin is the same as the original one from the 40's, but that hasn't been in continuity for 51 years.

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Something I forgot to mention during our review of Wolverine First Class: there's a lame scene where Wolverine trashes the table of a street-corner movie bootlegger, all while championing creator rights. Obviously this is a commentary on what happened to the Wolverine movie (and downloadable comics), but it's stupid, forced, comes out of nowhere, adds nothing to the plot, and actually distracts from the story.

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I think Dan's origin complaints were a little unfounded. replacing Marvel heros with new characters isn't an accepted thing anyway. DC has a lot of legacy heroes and a great many events in the modern universe echo previous events that were wiped from continuity. Robin leaving Batman was done both pre and post crisis. In a world where there are 7 different Starmen and 4 Wildcats giving a new iteration a more classic origin isn't lazy writing, its paying homage, its reinvigorating a concept. Its not like he has the same origin as the previous Aquaman who is in continuity.

Oh yeah, Ian-

"and of course Megan Fox is a gun weilding prostitute, although I have no idea what character she plays in the film"

Good Quip.

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