Neil Gaiman's Sandman

James D.

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I am almost done collecting all the 10 original graphic novels of the 75 comic books in this astoundingly great series. I just need Volumes V, VII and X. Preludes and Nocturnes alone should have a shrine of gold made for it, not to mention the other volumes. Actually, Neil Gaiman should have two for himself alone for creating this godly series. I wish it hadn't ended... :(

So what's your favorite Sandman issue/novel/character, etc.?

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Favourite issue - Difficult to pick just one. Favourite one off - Ramadan. Beautiful, beautiful issue. Favourite one that's part of a thread that's picked up again - Midsummer Nights Dream. Favourite storyarc - Seasons of Mists.

Favourite Character - Other than Dream himself, probably Desire. I would love to see a Desire miniseries. Favourite non-endless character - Lucifer.

Favourite Graphic Novel - The Kindly Ones. Because I have a signed copy.

Oh, and if you haven't read 'Endless Nights' yet, it is awesome. Seriously, seriously good.

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Haven't met many people who agree with me, but Brief Lives was, by far, my favorite Sandman story arc, just from pure character development. If I hadn't read Brief Lives, I'm not sure just how much I'd sympathize with Morpheus.

Love The Wake too, just cause Hob Gadling's such an awesome character (probably my favorite, other than Morpheus himself). All the minor characters are a lot of fun, particularly Merv, Matthew, Barnabas, and Destruction (not that minor, I know, but he's only there for the bulk of one story arc).

The last story in the series, "The Tempest", really helped me in trying to understand the character of Morpheus.

Regardless, everyone should just read the whole series, I guess.

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