Buried Treasures


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This is so stolen from the G4 TV show Judgment Day, and I don't care!

If you've never seen the show, these two guys (Vic and Tommy) review video games and rate them from 0-10. The show is broken into six segments, one of which is called "Buried Treasures" -- where one of the hosts briefly covers a great game that has been overlooked by the general public.

Having said that, name your buried treasure (mention which system) and tell us why we need to play this game.

I'll start us off with Ico for the PlayStation 2.

With my devotion to action-puzzle games such as Zelda and Prince of Persia, it should come as no surprise that I love Ico. Even if you're not an action-puzzle type of person, you'll still enjoy this game for its rich environments, wonderfully composed music, and gripping story -- which is told with hardly a lick of dialog, none of which is in English. But never mind that, because Ico is like an opera -- the characters' actions translate the language barrier for you. Most of all, the ending is beautifully tragic (tragically beautiful?), especially if you sit through the end credits and read into the final scene. I'm getting goosebumps just thinking about it.

If you have an extra $20, buy this game. And if you do, don't skip a single cutscene.

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I don't think Skies of Arcadia Legends did very well on the Game Cube, so I'll say that's my buried treasure.

Skies is a original role playing and one of the best ones*And only :( * that the Game Cube has in that genre. It's got exploration, turn based fight scenes and a incredibly entertaining story line. It's even got some added things from it's Dreamcast counter part such as being able to hunt down people who're on the "most wanted" list and defeating them for some extra cash. Beating this game straight through would probably take somewhere near 25-35 hrs to do, but there are tons of side quests to go through even after you've finally beat the game.

Skies of Arcadia Legends is *As far as I know* a $40 game, but for GC fans who've been dying to get their hands on a RPG and can't wait for ToS, this is a must have.

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Star Ocean: The Second Story, bitches!!

One of the most entertaining, challenging, enjoyable RPG / action games I've ever played, if you can stand the outrageously bad voice acting after every battle. There are supposedly more than two dozen different endings, just as many extra characters, hundreds of side quests and a really solid main story. I can't WAIT for the third one to come out.

This is $10-$20 used at EB right now. Go buy it.


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Illusion of Time/Gaia for the SNES. I never really played non-Zelda RPGs but this one was fantastic, often frustrating with a very emotional storyline about life in ancient times. The ending was a bit of a cop-out but otherwise classic.

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Which games do you think have been underrated in thier contributions to videogames.

I was having a discussion with my friend the other day about this, and I would have to say the original Darkstalkers. This was the game that revolutionized Capcom fighting games in my opinion. It was thier first game to have a super guage, air blocking, parries, air combos, and more. Not to mention it had some of the coolest characters and animations ever. The shame being alot of people have never heard of it, or played it.

So what game do you think should get more notice for it's contributions.

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