Excalibur by Paul Cornell?


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On a recent episode of The Uncanny X-Cast, Rob suggested that we'll see a new Excalibur series within six months, as written by Paul Cornell.

Me, I think the idea has legs based on current events in the X-Men Universe. It isn't hard to imagine a handful of mutants leaving Utopia because they disagree with the direction Scott is taking the team. And the ones I think would leave are old members of Excalibur: Nightcrawler, the returning Kitty Pryde, and Colossus. Add in Captain Britain and Meggan, and you pretty much have the original team. However, if this is all about them breaking away from Scott's X-Men due to a difference in ideologies, I wouldn't be surprised if they take Hope with them -- who would fill the Phoenix role.


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On a lark I decided to ask Paul Cornell (via Twitter) if there's any hope this might come to fruition.

Is there any chance you'll be writing a new Excalibur series? Please! Please! Please!

Not that I know of. Where did you hear that?

Wishful thinking. I just want to see you write Captain Britain (again), Kitty Pryde, Nightcrawler, and the rest of the team.

Too bad this isn't forthcoming, but maybe -- just maybe -- I've put the idea to pitch it in his head. :D

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