Episode 381


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Re Starman. The Black Lanter Starman was Jack's older brother David (not Ted, who was his father and the original Starman), who was a semi-regular character post-mortem in Starman. The issue of who the protector of Opal City was was always important in the book, with Shade finally taking on the responsibility after Jack retired (and the way he retired was so good that it would be a travesty to bring him back for one issue). Shade finally becoming a hero in all but name was a very big deal, since he'd been a villain/anti-hero in the book for long periods during its run.

Stargirl appeared in the book just once in the modern day, when Jack gave her the staff. Their interaction was entirely in the Johns written JSA up until Jack quit that team a couple of trades in. He gave her the staff because it had similar tech to her belt and because he had seen her in the future as a grown woman carrying that staff and being a big time hero. Honestly it would have been wrong to have her feature as the main character here when she really bore no relation to series directly. Batman was in it more. She wouldn't have a clue who David Knight was and what he meant to Jack, and if you're going to have a Black Lantern in this book it has to be the guy who died in the first issue. Its as obvious as Deadman or Spectre being involved in Blackest Knight.

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I liked it a lot. Firstly, the art. Not usually my thing but the sketchy style with heavy and light lines and some really bright colours, I thought it was an excellent and very readable effort. Second, the Shade vs David was perfect in terms of the two men from that book who should have been facing each other. David's look incorporated a lot of his Starman of the 1950's look as well as his traditional outfit, his dialogue was Black Lantern 101 but his threats to Jack and Shades response were what drove the climax. Considering how Jack has aided Shade in the past it was very fitting that Shade do the same for him. Its one issue, there isn't a lot you can do with it but as a coda to the series it was very good. I'm not really looking for more from that series because it ended so well, just a clip demonstrating where those characters have come to was enough for me. It made me want to go back and read it all again.

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I liked parts of the Question issue, myself. Cowan's art was terrible, but Shiva meditating to get rid of Vic was awesome. Renee and Tot, not so much. Cowan's art was terrible, but the thing that I loved the most was Tot's "Son." to Vic. There's been a lot of theorizing that Tot is actually Vic's biological father (which would piss Ditko off SOOOOO much) and this is a nice little shout out to that.

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