Episode 06


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To celebrate the inaugural episode of March's Musicals & Mobsters, Desmond and Megan kick it off Chicago-style by first dissecting Brian De Palma's The Untouchables and 2002's Oscar darling, Chicago. Kevin Costner's a what?! Megan pulls out her cinephile chops on 1920s Russian silent cinema. Des misses the point. Megan thinks blood and grey matter is pretty. Morricone or Kenny G? You decide. Did Salvador Dali work with De Palma on this one? How does Des feel about Richard Gere? How does Megan feel about her husband being in love with Catherine Zeta-Jones? Who calls who a "butthead?" Megan bursts into song and Des takes exception to a song glorifying violence towards men. Yeah, he does. Meg bursts into song repetitively. There's Schindler's List and Snuggie talk abound, as well as celebrity culture and all that jazz. [ 54:41 || 25.3 MB ]

The above is from: http://www.earth-2.net/podcasts/marriedtomovies/episodes/marriedtomovies_006.mp3

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Gotta love the way Des groaned as he realised that more Richard Gere films were on the horizon for the podcast! Then again, considering she's married to the host of Dread Media who has a vast DVD library of horror films, I'm surprised Megan would call The Wizard of Oz "scary" in comparison.

And the outro song was pretty damn phenomenal.

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Also I first saw The Untouchables in American History Class in High School.

LOL me too.

I'm really enjoying this show guys. It does seem like Megan tends to not care for the majority of movie you two review, but I gotta say she had good points about the Untouchables.

She also mentioned Billy Drago reminding her of Michael Jackson. Billy Drago played the mobster in the music video "You Rock My World".

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Having just seen the production of Chicago at the Ambassador on Broadway, I can say that the movie is a lot better than the staging of the show that I saw. Mind you, the show was pretty great. However, the movie was amazing in terms of what they were able to do with the musical numbers and fleshing things out.

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