Who's the Worse Leader? Grodd or Luthor?

Worst Supervillain Leader  

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I decided to make this poll since the episode "Secret Society", another supervillain-teamup episode, is coming up.


-Lex Luthor formed the Injustice Gang, a group of mostly C-list supervillains against the Justice League. He nearly provoked a mutiny among them which he only prevented by eventually tripling their pay. The team was eventually thwarted by the League (Injustice For All) He later joined Gorilla Grodd's expanded Secret Society and usurped Grodd as its leader after the latter tried to turn humanity into apes (Dead Reckoning). He then wasted a good deal of his time as leader trying to resurrect Brainiac. Eventually, Tala broke Grodd free and the gorilla led a mutiny against Luthor. However, Luthor and his allies eventually prevailed and he strapped Tala to a machine to bring Brainiac back to life. Unfortunately, she brought back someone much deadly...(Alive!)

-Gorilla Grodd founded the Secret Society, another band of supervillains tasked with defeating the League. After a stalemate between the two teams, Grodd brought about the breakup of the League, and once divided, was able to take all of them captive. He was about to execute the League before a football stadium, when J'onn J'onzz freed his teammates, and the League crushed the Secret Society (Secret Society). Much later, Grodd formed a much larger Secret Society and eventually unveiled his master plan: To turn all humans into gorillas. When this failed, Luthor dethroned and imprisoned him. (Dead Reckoning) Later, Tala released him and he led a mutiny against Luthor, only to be shot out into space and have his minions executed by Killer Frost (Alive!)

Based on these, which of the two masterminds was the worse leader?

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Luthor was dying when he pulled together the Injustice Gang, and he never wanted to lead the Second Secret Society, it was means to the Brainiac end, he even said that. At the top of his game, Luthor pulled together Project Cadmus.

Crazy Luthor was able to beat Grodd at the top of his game. Twice. Grodd never came close to beating the JL like Luthor did.

Grodd is way worse.

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Going with Grodd since his master plan in Unlimited was turning everyone into Apes. At least Luthor's plans involved killing in the Justice League. That and, to tell you the truth, his only real mistake with the first Injustice Gang was not killing Batman right away. That and Luthor picked villains that would be easy to control. Maybe they were C-List but each of them wanted money which was enough to keep them in line. Grodd's second Secret Society turned on him and some of them turned back to Grodd when he went free but the point is which side won.

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I voted for Luthor because his arrogance got in the way of his leadership skills in "Injustice For All", because he didn't kill Batman when he had the chance, and because he put too much time into the futile task of resurrecting Brainiac over going directly after the League. Plus, Grodd actually succeeded in bringing down six members of the League and putting them at his mercy in "Secret Society." Even so, Luthor is right to deride his master plan.

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