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I happen to play D&D a lot with my friends. But they just like to bash in the door and kill anything in sight. They completely take away the point of my intricate(in comparison) storylines. So I'm planning on starting a campaign for Final Fantasy RPG and I'm gonna play it with people online via MSN Messenger. Preferably people who like to roleplay but any are welcome to join. If interested please send a PM.

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I've never been a big RPG guy, but something about pen-and-paper RPGs have always intrigued me. Can you explain how they work, how much time you have to put into them, how you develop your character, and all that other stuff?

Additionally: If there is enough interest in pen-and-paper RPGs I will consider opening a forum for it, but I realize it might be a while before that takes off.

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I've never been a big RPG guy, but something about pen-and-paper RPGs have always intrigued me. Can you explain how they work, how much time you have to put into them, how you develop your character, and all that other stuff?

Basically there is the Dungeon Master (DM) who makes the adventure map(usually a dungeon), storyline, monsters, traps, etc. The others play as adventurers going through the story trying to achieve their objective(finding lost treasure, saving a town from invading orcs, etc.). Of course there are many battles. Battles work on a grid(almost always squares, but hex grids are ocassionally used). The player Characters(PCs) and the monsters take turns based on their combat speed(Initiative). During a turn you can move, attack, cast a spell, use an item or ability, or a combination of these. These usually invole rolling some dice.

Campaigns are a series of related adventures that connect to make a deeper storyline. There are many different types of campaigns. Some are serious while others funny. Some are battle-oriented while others storyline-oriented. This last part usually depends on how well the players Role-Play. Most games are somewhere in between.

***example of battle oriented play*** (aka. kick-in-the-door style)

"DM-There are some orcs in front of you. It's seems like they don't notice you.

Player 1-I'll attack them. YES!! I rolled an 18!! Awe. only 4 damage.

DM-The first orc does 6 damage to player 3.

Player 3-NO. Now I only have 3 HP left.

DM-Player 2's turn.

Player 2-I'll shoot an arrow at the orc in the back row."

***example of Storyline oriented play***

"DM-You spot a scouting party of orcs. They are around a campfire and don't notice your group sneaking up on them.

Player 1-let me try to strike a blow against the unwary foe.

DM-Your sword shimmers through the air, connecting with the orc but not striking a critical wound, 4 damage. The others draw their weapons, confident that they can take the 2 of you down, not noticing your archer encircling them.

DM-The closest orc retaliates against player 3, cutting a deep gouge in your chest for 6 damage.

Player 3-The fiend will pay when I get a chance to deal with him.

DM-The archer is in position and ready to strike.

Player 2-I draw my bow. Focusing on shooting a single arrow into the orc near my comrads."

As for time, It takes some time to learn the rules. It also takes about an hour to make your character (varies depending on which RPG you play. Time also increases if your making a background for you character), about 10-20 minutes to level-up your character, as well as a few minutes to get the right items and equipment for your character. It takes a considerable amount of time to make your own quests/missions. This is usually done by the DM.

Character Development varies depending on which RPG you're playing. Basic character development consists of choosing a race and a job(warrior, ranger, wizard, thief, etc.). After that you need to give your character abilities and equipment(weapons, armor, torches, arrows, spell components, etc.). Also you want to think up an idea of how your character looks and give him a bit of a background story.

That's all for now.

P.S. sorry for the long post.

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I love playing D&D. ?But my friends and simplified the rules alot and changed alot of stuff. One time I created a FFT type game that was really quite fun. But we haven't played in quite some time. I story a friend I were making was great. Tons of the characters we crated show massive signs of grey.

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Ya. as I've said before my friends simplify things a lot too. They don't care at all about storyline. They just kill everything in sight. I haven't given up yet though. I'm gonna set up the next mission of our campaign on sunday. Eventually it will build up to a HUGE battle between a city and a group of evil dragons. They have to escape from the castle that's under attack so they can go behind enemy lines and take out the dragon leader. I'd just like to see them TRY to fight out of that situation. Also I was planning to somehow add Bahamut to the storyline. Haven't quite gotten that far yet.

I haven't gotten around to which Final Fantasy my FFRPG will be based on, but I'm thinking it's probably going to be Tactics

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Side Quest Idea: The Bread Bandits (work with me here).

The Bread Bandits are a gang of bandits with an eccentric leader who believes Bread is the the most valuable substance in exhistance, more so than even Mithril/Platinum/Whatever it is.

While seemingly harmless, the Bread Bandits can be rather a nuisance, because they've been known to raid caravans, ruin business, and steal all the bread in town. Just because the leader is crazy, he shouldn't be underestimated because he's a powerful mage.

This was the scenario from the first Pen and Paper RPG I've ever played. Simple yet effective. My personal favorite moment in it is when I cast a sleep spell onto the Bandit leader's horse, while they were charging a caravan, and caused the horse to drop to sleep in mid gallop, and throw the guy off of it.

Oh the good old days.

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Casting True Resurrection on an old thread and all it took was a diamond worth 25,000 GP.

So, is anyone playing in any fun games right now? I'm currently in a d20 Modern game, kinda post-post apocalyptic with a fair amount of cyberpunk influences. I'm playing our groups hacker/techie and I feel kinda bad for them because Tim Wayne (my character) is going to be killed off in a few months but they don't know about it and the new character I'm planning isn't going to make up for the fact that they've deliberately avoided any crossover with Tim's specialties. I should also find it funny that I'm the groups main source of information but the villains kinda have a slight mental hold on me, therefore keeping me from completely telling them everything I learn.

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