Batman: The Long Halloween

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Title: Batman: The Long Halloween graphic novel

Cover Dates: 1996-1997 (graphic novel, 1998)

Issues: Batman: The Long Halloween 1-13

Publisher: DC Comics

Writers: Jeph Loeb

Artist: Tim Sale

Price: $19.95


After reading this 380-page mammoth of a book in one day, I knew I had spent that 20 dollars well. Batman: The Long Halloween chronicles every single event leading up to the infamous trial where Harvey Dent was scarred by acid thrown on his face, which of course was the direct cause of him becoming Two-Face. It begins with Bruce Wayne and Harvey Dent having a drink in a dark office. They are good friends with each other and with Jim Gordon. Dent is still a normal man, and is a strict believer in the law. The underlying story in all of this is the "Holiday Killer" who murders someone on every major holiday of each month. Starting with Halloween and going through the calendar year. Every issue (13 total) chronicles one month in the story. All the usual suspects make appearances--Joker, Catwoman, Penguin, Scarecrow, Riddler, Poison Ivy, Mad Hatter. But the Holiday Killer seems to be focusing on killing members of the two major crime families in Gotham--the Romans and the Falcones. So, you have all of the rogues gallery, the crime families, and Harvey Dent, Commissioner Gordon and Batman in the middle of it all trying to find out who is murdering mob members every month.

Anyone who is a fan of Batman NEEDS to read this. Two-Face's story was always mysterious because the DC writers never really delved deeply into the story until they wrote this. You get all the answers you ever wanted to know about Harvey Dent and then some. It's violent, dark, tragic and mystifiying--all the things that make Batman great. BUY THIS BOOK.

Grade: 92/100

Edited by James D.
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Bump of the century.


What James means is that this was one of the very first things posted on the forums... back in March 2004! So adding a comment now, nearly four years later, is a huge "bump."

Oh ok, I'm sorry I haven't seached through all the forum's yet and didn't realise the time of the post. Thanks though

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