Episode 156


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In this episode of Dread Media, we start things off far from the horror spectrum and slowly move towards it, but dropping in quality with each step. What have we learned? I don't know. First up, Desmond and Darryll discuss the violent animated feature Batman: Under the Red Hood, then Desmond goes solo on Uwe Boll's Final Storm and Argento-wannabe Finale. Tunes include: "The Godamn Batman" by Mary Shelley Overdrive, "Lil' Red Ridin' Hood" by Children of Bodom, "Storm Coming" by Gnarls Barkley, "Where the Sky Ends" by Michale Graves, and "Final Day" by Pennywise. [ 1:13:27 || 33.8 MB ]

The above is from: http://www.earth-2.net/podcasts/dreadmedia/episodes/dreadmedia_156.mp3

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Guest TFG1Mike

I'm listening to this ep because of the Batman: Under The Red Hood review. Des I agree and disagree about your comments that John Di Maggio is better than Mark Hamill.

I agree that this version is much more evil, then Hamill's BTAS Version. The only time Hamill is evil is in Return of the Joker. So that's where I think I disagree with you.

Coupla notes: Bruce GreenWood was in Star Trek. John Di Maggio voices Bender from Futurama.

Great review of this really enjoyed hearing it.

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I think Hamill is perfectly evil throughout B:TAS, when the stories were dark. Like in Laughing Fish and MOTP. He's evil as much as the script will allow him, and I think because Dimaggio's Joker got to be more vicious does not automatically make him a better Joker than Hamill's. It's not like I couldn't envision Hamill's Joker doing the things that Dimaggio's Joker did.

I also fail to see any references to the Killing Joke in the film. There's that one line about the friends Joker's crippled which obviously references Barbara, but that was a line from the comic. Any other themes from the Killing Joke I just didn't not see in Under the Red Hood. IMO the film was 90% the same as the original comic.

Also, while I thought NPH did a perfectly fine job as Nightwing, I thought there were times when he was written as though he was still Robin. I mean, come on, would he really think Batman would just put putty into A.M.A.Z.O's eyes randomly? I really think he's a lot quicker than that. There were little moments I thought Dick jobbed to the writing, but they weren't every line of dialogue. I think he was written generally well, but by no means perfectly.

Still, I too really enjoyed this movie. I totally agree with the over-abundance of explosives but I loved the dramatic storytelling. I loved the little things like how they never stopped and said what Jason's origin was, but it was inferred at to where the audience could ascertain what it was.

Also the Riddler was played by Bruce Timm, so Robin kicked BT in the nuts. :D

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I tend to think that Dimaggio's joker owes a lot to Hammill's and if people consider it to stand a couple of inches taller then that only because its standing on the shoulders of the DCAU version.

I'd say I prefer Hammill overall, but that's not to do this version down. Hammill had more screen time over the years but then he also had a lot more shit scripts to work with, and yet he was still great even through those.

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