Episode 03


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Aang makes his first trip to the Spirit World in the first part of The Winter Solstice two-parter "The Spirit World." In the second part, "Avatar Roku," Aang connects to his past self. Finally, in "The Waterbending Scroll," Katarra steals a Waterbending Scroll from a group of pirates. Also, Kellen and Steph's shipping war continues. [ 47:28 || 22.0 MB ]

The above is from: http://www.earth-2.net/podcasts/avatarthelastpodcast/episodes/avatar_003.mp3

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Yeah, that one was basically "Katara is a horrible hypocrite."

Yeah, and it makes no sense there because...um...THEY'RE IN A FUCKING WAR. I don't give a shit if she steals an entire library. If it will help her learn techniques to defend herself and the Avatar, then FUCKING TAKE IT! And furthermore, wasn't she taking it from a thief anyway?

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I meant more about her freaking out once she wasn't the best waterbender in the group anymore. Selfish bitch. I think I'm going to just assume that the entire episode takes place during her time of the month.

I don't think it'd be right for her to steal it, war or no, but the fact that it was from pirates does kind of negate that.

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