Episode 55


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Another great episode :-)

Jacqueline Hill (not Wright, Dan :-D), died in 1993 of cancer, aged just 63.

I like Fendahl, it's sorta the last appearance of the Gothic/Hinchcliffe era atmosphere. There's a lot of space stuff from now on. The house used was the same house which was used in Pyramids of Mars (it was owned at the time by Mick Jagger lol). I believe Boucher is pronounced Bow-cher, and he script edited every episode of Blake's 7 (and wrote most of the best episodes too). This is his last story for Who, he only wrote 3, his other being Face of Evil (he created Leela).

trivia fans will note that Wanda Ventham who plays Thea, is the mother of Benedict Cumberbatch who plays Sherlock Holmes in the recent BBC series (created by Stephen Moffat and Mark Gattis).

Sunmakers is notoriously Robert Holmes being pissed off at paying high taxes, so a lot of the things in it are reference to that (the various corridors are named after tax forms). I actually really enjoy it, I love the Gatherer and the Collector. It's sad tho that it's obviously a carpark that they throw Gatherer Hade from (you can see the car park markings lol).

I hope you can stay totally unspoiled for Invasion of Time, cause there's a really effective cliffhanger in there. Can't wait to hear what you think of Underworld too LOL

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I think you need to review episode 54 posting list.

Because I know I made a post their and so did.

Boston Dan,



The gothic storys always were my least favorite and daymakers would have been a better print story than a visual one.

For one reason the weapons in this show are really something else.

They are worse than the one used in season one of Blake's 7

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Actually, if you stroll over to the archives for Earth-2.net The Show, there was a segment called PotterWatch where Christian Honoré and Aaron Ross discuss the Potter films. Besides, you watch enough long running British things, you're going to have crossover. Gosford Park and Harry potter probably have more crossover than Doctor Who oddly enough.

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Just for shits and giggles...

Potter Count for Gosford Park: 4 (Michael Gambon, Maggie Smith, Kelly McDonald, Geraldine Somerville)

Potter Count for Modern Doctor Who: 16 (Zoe Wanamaker, David Tennant, Roger Lloyd-Peck, Shirley Henderson, Adrian Rawlins, Helen McCrory, Toby Jones, Bill Nighy, Michael Gambon, Simon Fisher-Becker, Imelda Staunton, Mark Williams, David Bradley, Warwick Davis, John Hurt. Also, the actor who portrays the Silence stood in for the werewolf in Prisoner of Azkaban.)

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