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Undertaker has to be one of the superstars left to reveal.

He has to be but none of the silhouettes are wearing his trademark hat. I think the one in front of Slaughter is HBK in his cowboy hat.

It'll probably be Taker without the hat at the front I say. Also I think that is Kane in the mask beside Slaughter.

I have to ask why the fuck Jack Swagger is in the game?

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Full roster:

Playable Legends

Ricky Steamboat

Andre The Giant

Hulk Hogan

The Ultimate Warrior

Bret Hart

The Rock

Randy Savage

Jake "The Snake" Roberts

Sgt. Slaughter

"Rowdy" Roddy Piper

Eddie Guerrero

Shawn Michaels

Jimmy Snuka

Mr. Perfect

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin

Playable Superstars

John Cena

Randy Orton

Jack Swagger




The Big Show

Triple H

John Morrison

Rey Mysterio

Kofi Kingston

CM Punk

The Miz

Drew McIntyre

The Undertaker

Downloadable Content



Dusty Rhodes

Cody Rhodes

Big Bossman

Chris Jericho

Jerry "The King" Lawler

Michael Hayes

Mark Henry


"The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase (Pre-Order Bonus Character)


Jerry Lawler

Jim Ross

Voice-Over Talent

Howard Finkel

Paul Bearer

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Hmmm, may have to download it tonight, what is it, 85gig or something stupid!

It's out here in the UK as well now. You can only play as either Rey Mysterio or The Ultimate Warrior. If it had four characters to choose from, I would probably have enjoyed it more.

Controls are alright. The new pinning style is a lot different to the SD VS Raw way, which is a nice change, and the controls, are a bit weird at first. I'm so used to to the more complicated SD controls, this is basically hold O and X to do a hard grapple and pray it lands.

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The game starts off fun. but the more I play it, the more annoying it got. The computer counters nearly everything, you can only hit four real moves, the idea of breaking someone's grapple is fun at first, but after the 13th time the computer fucks up your grapple, I gave up.

The loading times are horrible. I was waiting near ten minutes for the game to load onto my PS3, and then about 30 seconds each time it had to load. Load to start the intros, load to do the match, and load to restart the same match when I was done with it.

Online did not work when I tried it yesterday. So, I really didn't enjoy this game. It's a shame, as it was really fun for that first match. The game also looks nice, in its own weird ugly way.

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