Order to watch the DCAU?


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I want to show someone the complete DCAU -from On Leather Wings to Epilogue- (I don't count Teen Titans) but I'm having trouble with the watching order.

My original thought was in chronological order- (B:TAS) then (S:TAS, Gotham Knights, and the beginning of Static Shock simultaneously) then (JL, JLU, and the end of Static Shock simultaneously) then (Batman Beyond, and The Zeta Project simultaneously) and finally (Epilogue). But Episodes such as Static Shock's Future Shock and JLU's Once and Future Thing pose problems.

I could also show it in airing order, but I want to show Epilogue last and by the time we finish JLU I don't think he'll care about Terry anymore, it might also be confusing, I don't know.

Well if anyone has any idea's I'd love to hear them. I'd like to stay as chronological as possible with it still making sense. Thanks!

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Have them watch BTAS, then STAS and Gotham Knights, THEN Batman Beyond then Return of the Joker, followed by JL and JLU, Epilogue shown after Destroyer. I know Batman Beyond is set about forty years after the end of JLU, but the viewing experience in that order will be better: I watched JL and JLU and then went into Batman Beyond with high hopes, but given the programs I had seen before found it kind of disappointing as a whole. If they like Batman Beyond and want to see more of the DCAU of the future, give them Zeta. If they want a break from Superman and Batman, give them Static, but don't force Static or Zeta on them.

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I would watch it choronologically only because we don't have much to compare to. Like if they have something set in stone we won't know what happens already. I haven't seen all of Batman Beyond so I don't know if there is much 'spoiled' for the other shows.

There's actually nothing spoiled in Batman Beyond. And heck, seeing BB before Justice League is almost necessary for certain episodes in JLU like "The Once and Future Thing" and "Epilogue."

The best way to watch the DCAU is probably in release order.

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The best way to watch the DCAU is probably in release order.


Though like the podcast we're all here for, I wouldn't have a problem shunting Epilogue to the end. Terry has a memory-refreshing appearance earlier in JLU, and in some ways the episode works better if you haven't seen him in a while.

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