Episode 457


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The reason for the exclamation points was because the printing at the time picked them up better than periods.

Silver Age Marvel is my favorite period in comics, though the Daredevil origin is one of my least favorite of the origin issues.

And hell yeah you'll be covering Iron Fist.

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"To be fair, Stan Lee loved bitches" :D

Really good show guys, looking forward to more of these. It's a great concept and you guys have good chemistry.

Maybe once you've had the chance to go through more characters you can do a WFP thing where you come back and regrade selected ones once you've established more of a curve to grade them on, be it through comparison with other character's you've focussed on or by looking at more stories involving them in your own time.

I wouldn't say that Bru was nobody when he started on DD, he'd already written several trades for Captain America and had done stuff for DC and Wildstorm such as Gotham Central and Sleeper. He was a good name with a lot of positive buzz, that's why they felt he was capable enough to take on the DD book after Bendis was done.

Oh, and listening to this just made me go on Amazon and buy all three Bendis/Maleev Daredevil Omnibi. Even though I was reading the book when those two were writing it and have almost all the original issues. THATS how much I love that run.

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Really liked the segment. You guys have good chemistry together, and the longtime comic fan/new comic fan dynamic works really well.

I'll echo all of the Daredevil reccommendations above me, (Born Again and the Bendis/Maleev run are largely awesome) and also strongly reccomend the pre-Born Again Frank Miller stuff. It's the start of the darker turn for the character, with the Kingpin/Bullseye/Elektra stories, but there are also a lot of issues that are just straight up, fun, superhero stories. It's a nice balance between the different directions the character's taken over the years. The Kevin Smith run is also worth checking out; even if you don't like Smith, the art by Joe Quesada is awesome.

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Yeah, the first thing you should do with DD is go back to the Daredevil Visionaries trades written by Frank Miller. They provide a lot of set-up regarding Bendis' run on the book, they set up Matt's relationship with Elektra, which is pretty vital. It also introduces Kingpin and Bullseye to the book. Those three Visionaries volumes are essential reading to get the most out of Bendis and Brubaker's work. Follow that with Born Again, then just start going through the Marvel Knights run. The first trade is one of the last decent things Kevin Smith wrote. After that, skip straight to Bendis. You'll be ready for a lot of the characters and relationships at that point. Aside from the introduction of Typhoid Mary you'll have read everything worth knowing.

I'm not saying this background is essential, I started mid MK run and got hooked, but later I went back post-reading Miller and it was just instantly twice as good.

Also advise Miller's Man Without Fear, a retelling of the origin. Good stuff.

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Good first ep, guys. I can definitely see this being a major help for folks, and you both are pretty funny. There are some brief audio issues here and there, but that's probably quite fixable.

Quite interested for motherfucking Iron Fist. :P But hey, I'll take Big Barda even sooner.

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