Episode 200


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Well, here it is. Desmond and Darryll celebrate the much ballyhooed 200th episode of Dread Media by getting casual and chatting about some of the films they've covered in the past two hundred weeks. And booze. They drink a lot. They also go in-depth on your feedback, and give away a ton of cool prizes. The songs they play are: "Revelations" by Seppuku Paradigm, "Satan is Real / Straight to Hell (Medley)" by Hank Williams III, "See You in Hell" by Monster Magnet, "Run for Your Life" by Creepshow, "Theme for a Jackal" by The Misfits, and "Theme" by Jeff Grace. Thank you so much for your support over the past 200 episodes and here's to 200 more! [ 4:11:15 || 115.0 MB ]

The above is from: http://www.earth-2.net/podcasts/dreadmedia/episodes/dreadmedia_200.mp3

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I look like a bag of shit in that picture. I partied the night before and then played an 8 am softball game. Then, I get to Darryll's place at about 9:30 am and what does he do? Hand me another glass of fucking champagne...I think he's trying to kill me.

That said: this was a hell of a lot of fun to record and was worth the extra time to edit and all that. Hope everyone enjoys it.

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I'm nearing the end, but I had to add to add this now: I'm surprised you guys didn't take the caller to task for forgetting that Steven Spielberg directed Jaws.

As for the other e-mail, the one that asked who we'd have survive, I'd say Nancy in A Nightmare on Elm Street III. Though I get that it was a passing of the torch moment, her death always feels wrong. That said, in death, had they made her the opposite of Freddy - a spirit of light that waged a never-ending war with Freddy in the dream world, allowing her to make cameos in future films - I would have no problem with her death.

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Nancy's a good choice.

The Spielberg thing. I honestly forget he directed that sometimes as it is on a whole other level compared to his other stuff. It's way better than anything else he's done. But, it still has a happy ending. Yes, I'm a miserable bastard.

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Yeah, we kinda' stepped over the Spielberg question. DUEL is another one. It's kind of Hitchcockian, though, in a bloodless suspense fashion. The thing is, those two pictures are not really indicative of his screen catalog. They were 'foot in the door' type projects. Not really the kinds of movies he was intent on making once he got final cut and all that other good stuff that comes with success. CLOSE ENCOUNTERS, E.T. and even RAIDERS are widely considered his personal passion projects. While I love those films with all my heart they are a long ways from the "scary" movies he kick started his career with.

In my opinion, Spielberg was not very interested in the mechanics of the horror genre. It's widely known he was frustrated with his inability to really showcase the shark in JAWS. It was out of necessity (due to the mechanical shark malfunctioning) that he was forced to use classic horror movie editing to build suspense in that film. He freely admits now that it made the movie better but at the time he wasn't happy about it. The reason he wasn't happy about it is that Spielberg wants to show us everything. It's one of the major themes throughout his career. Showing the audience things they haven't seen before. He's not interested in hiding the monster or threat like a classic horror film does. He wants to show it off under bright lights in the middle of the frame. The catch was he had to wait for his success to allow him to do that and for the technology to make it possible. While he was waiting for the opportunity he was falling back on horror movie structures and editing. A process he found somewhat easy and that ran counter to the kind of storytelling he was really interested in directing.

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